I am Mallory and I am so glad you stopped by! I am new to blogging but I have always craved a true creative outlet. As a full time working lawyer-mom my life has not lended itself to much creative free time. BUT, after doing this a few years I realized I always have some tips as to how to manage it all. So, here I am to help other modern working moms find solutions and balance to daily life Hope you have a nice stay!

Want to be on top of your S%^T this school year?  Three easy steps to tackling back to school.

Want to be on top of your S%^T this school year? Three easy steps to tackling back to school.

How would you like to be the organized mom this school year?

You know that Mom that shows up on time, has it all together, and doesn’t forget things?  Raise your hand.

I’m sharing my top 3 tips on how to start this new school year organized and on top of things.

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Tip One: Make the Mornings a Breeze by Prepping Nighttime Before

Okay, okay…I know I am not telling you anything you haven’t heard before.  But have you actually done it and stuck with it?? If you are like me, probably not. So I am going to say it again and lets start this year off right mamas!  Mornings are often the most hectic time of day once school starts because you have to have your family up, dressed, fed, and out the door with everything they need by a certain time. 

Think of how much more smoothly the mornings will go if you are not frantically trying to get yourself ready, your kids ready, make breakfast and lunches and find Johnny’s socks if you prepped the night before.  This means you need a good solid after-school routine and before bed routine. Anything that you can do the day before should be done. This may look a little different for each family, but it should include:

·      Having any homework completed and in backpack

·      Any papers signed

·      Any special show and share items or projects in backpack

·      Backpack packed and ready to go

·      Outfit picked out and ready to put on

·      Lunches prepared as much as possible the day before 

·      Going to bed on time

I can tell you from my experience that when I stick to my nighttime prep schedule, my mornings run so much more smoothly.  AND added bonus, everyone is happier because mama isn’t a crazed lunatic trying to get out the door. 

I am going to be honest, we cannot do everything the night before and there are going to be mornings that still suck.  But doing this will help limit the added stress.  But some mornings are still going to be crazy.  Someone is going to wake up cranky or sick.  Someone is going to decide they do not want to wear what was picked the night before.  Someone is going to decide they NEED to draw a picture 2 minutes before go time.  BUT, if you are prepped, it makes it a lot easier to deal with the surprises than if you were trying to pull everything together on top of it.  

Tip Two: Prepare and plan for back to school ahead of time

The start of the new school year has a lot of moving parts, why make it worse and start prepping only a few days before. Start now. 

And write it down.  I use Trello to make a master back to school list to keep track of what needs to get done, when it needs to get done and if I have done it.  Also, now with school supply lists, I make my life even easier and pull up the list directly from Target.  Yes ladies, did you know that most schools have their supply lists on the target website.  You are a few clicks away from ordering what you need and you just need to stop in and pick it up.  EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY.  

Also, with the activities and work travel schedules, I create a “command center” on the fridge.  I have an easy dry erase calendar.  Each family member has a different color and for each month I write all our stuff.  So we all know where everyone needs to be or if anything is coming up.  

 Tip Three: EASY to stick with Daily Routines

This will help you avoid the daily battles and struggles of staying on top of everything and trying to get your kids to do their homework and their chores.  And what better time to implement a new routine is that start of a school year.  

When you do the same thing every single day, then everybody knows what to except. It takes way less mental energy to stay on top of the everyday tasks because it’s just part of what you do. 

Plus when there is an established routine it takes the guesswork out of It and eliminates some of the power struggle arguments about when you are doing home, for example.  For instance, if Sadie knows that she cannot get her screen time until her homework is done and she puts her bags away, then she is eventually going to fall into the routine and not ask for TV when she gets off the bus.   

Take the time to write down your routines. Even if it seems silly, having a written routine really helps keep you on track. Plus, I’ve never heard anyone regret being overprepared. Also, children really love getting to check things off a list. It will help keep them on track and motivated.

What is your daily routine?


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