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How I Use Tailwind to Grow my Blog

How I Use Tailwind to Grow my Blog

When you have a new blog or even an “old” blog, your content is useless unless it reaches you audience and they actually read it. So how do you do that? How do you get discovered? Well, you not only need to build out your content for your audience but you need to REACH them. How do I do that?  Tailwind.

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How to Grow your Blog with an automated tool.

 Tailwind is one of my favorite tools for automatically growing my blog mainly because: 1) it gets the job done and  2) it only takes me about 1 hour a week to schedule and automate all my pins.

 There’s a lot more to Tailwindthan just scheduling your pins and publishing them for you though.

Tailwind’ssmart schedule automatically picks the best time slots for your content to go live. You can adjust your pinning schedule according to how many times you want to pin a day. If you’re fairly new to Pinterest, 10 is a good place to start. Posting on a regular basis is actually one of the fastest ways to grow your Pinterest following. Remember not to only post your content, but other valuable posts, articles, and tutorials you come across online. I use Tailwind’s  browser extension all the time- it allows you to pin from pretty much any website or an online store. The browser extension definitely makes scheduling pins easier and faster.


One other thing that I really like aboutTailwind,is that it also tells you if a particular pin has already been already added to the board. Not only that, but it also tells you exactly when the pin was added. So, if I’m scheduling a pin from one of my blog posts, and I get a message saying that I already shared that particular image to that board, I can also see how long ago that was. If it was last year or a couple of months ago, then I can easily schedule the pin to be added to that same board again. If, I added that particular image/pin to the board recently,  I try not to add it again to that same board. You definitely do not want to pin the same image over and over again to the same board- instead, try adding it to multiple boards.


Speaking of multiple boards, Tailwind also has a feature where you can create board lists. The idea is that you create a list of boards from similar categories, group them together and easily schedule an image to be pinned to all the boards from your list. This means that if I have a pin from one of my working mom posts, I don’t have to manually share it to each of my working mom-related Pinterest Boards. I can just group all my working mom-related boards in a list, name that list “Working Mom” and easily schedule my pin to be added to all of my Working Mom boards. You can also set intervals, so that the particular pin doesn’t post to all boards from the list, at once.


Overall, Tailwindis a great took for automating your blog to help you concentrate on what’s important – CONTENT and helping your readers.   If you want to check out Tailwind for yourself and see what it is all about, the first 100 pins are free.  What do you have to lose?  

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